Types of Telephone Installations

Find out more about the different types of telephone installations we provide to local businesses to help them operate more efficiently and provide better service to their customers.
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Voice Mail

Voice mail systems are a very powerful tool for today's businesses. They eliminate the need for having to write down messages manually, as well as the possibility of misplacing or losing important names and numbers. Voice mail allows you to listen and understand your clients and potential customers' needs and feelings as they record their voice. 

The latest technology in voice mail systems come with great features like unified messaging, which allows messages left in your voicemail to be sent directly to your email address. Call recording allows you to record not only voice mail but also important conversations so you can keep a record of everything your customers need. 

These modern systems even allow you to walk out of the office in the middle of a conversation while on your landline. The call transfer feature allows you to transfer your calls to your cell phone without having to hang up. At Tel Net Resource, we have the right voice mail solution for you, all at a very affordable price.

Telephone Systems

With Tel Net Resource, you will never have to call out to your coworker in the office to transfer a call again. Telephone systems allow you to transfer calls anywhere in your office with the push of a button. It also allows for free private conversations with people inside your building simply by dialing their extension number. You no longer have to go out and find them.

We offer industry-leading telephone equipment, new or refurbished. All of our equipment comes with a two-year warranty and at very affordable prices. Our technicians will gladly stop by your business and assist you with finding the best telephone system to meet your exact needs and budget. All of our telephone systems have room for growth. We customize and program them to meet your exact specifications. Warranty terms are available upon request, so contact us to learn more.


The cabling structure for both your telephone and computer network are very important; it serves as the foundation for an efficient and reliable operating network. Intelligent cabling layouts and structures have a significant impact on network performance. We take pride in providing our customers with the most efficient and trustworthy installations in the market. 

Our 20 years in the field has allowed us to meet all standard and industry codes while knowing the most affordable telephone network providers in our area. No job is too big or too small for us, so call us today to request service.
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